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First Coins for Kids Open House in Portsmouth


Saturday, December 17th was the first "Coins for Kids" open house for young collectors held at the Port City Coin and Jewelry shop located at the Bowl-O-Rama Plaza in Portsmouth.

Four boys and their parents braved freezing temperatures and icy roads to attend the "how-to" seminar on coin collecting that offered a "hands-on" experience with many old and interesting coins. Each child was treated to a complimentary "Guide Book of United States Coins", a Buffalo Nickel coin album, and was allowed to search through hundreds of Buffalo Nickels to choose 5 free coins to start their collections. Guest speaker, Joe D'Agostino, a numismatist for 60 years, gave a brief introduction to coin collecting and some pointers to assist the young collectors.

Each participant was allowed to hold and examine an early American cent from 1797, a coin that may have passed through the hands of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or other notables in early American history. A fun and interesting time was had by all. Coin shop owner, Allan Pechner, said, "Our first 'Coins for Kids' meeting was a success. The kids had fun while learning how to build a valuable and interesting coin collection, an exciting hobby that will have many benefits for them in the future. We love to encourage kids, and hope to have more events for young people in the coming year."

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