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Introduce your kids to Coin Collecting

a fun hobby they can grow with!

In these days of cell phones, computer games and the internet, kids have plenty of interests and distractions in the virtual world to keep them occupied for hours on end. Some if it may be useful for their education and future development, some of it not so much. At Port City Coin & Jewelry, we would like to suggest encouraging your kids or grand kids to explore the "real world" hobby of coin collecting as a fun pursuit that will pay off big in knowledge, satisfaction and future economic gain. It will be the hobby of a lifetime, and by age 6 or so, most kids are ready to begin their coin adventures.

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Coin Collecting: How did you get started?

coin collectionAre collectors born or made? When I think back to my childhood, it was clear that I was born to be a coin collector. I was only about six years old when I had my first experience with a "collectible coin". It was summer, and I was spending the day with my grandmother, Nancy, at her home in Paterson, NJ. I was playing outside while she was digging in her garden, (a small patch of ground that produced the best tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant anywhere) when I heard her shout, "Look what I found!". She held out her hand, and in it appeared, as if by magic, a very old and crusty coin. On the front side appeared the ghosted outline of a square-rigged sailing ship and a barely discernible date, "17--". A coin from the 1700's!

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